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" A " - litter - puppy of our Atrey was born on 1.7.2012 in kennel

** 1 yellow boy **

Fany Jorcanis
ICh MultiCh Atrey Joy in motion

HD A/A, ED 0/0,
EIC - N/EIC carrier,
full teeth,
excellent, R-CAC,
FSMP II.c., SD II.c.

Mgr. Eva Farkašovská, Bratislava
t.č.: +421 907 489 730
e-mail: evafarkasovska@gmail.com

HD A/A, ED 0/0, PRA/CAT neg.,
Optigen A, NARC test Normal,
Inherited RD/OSD Normal,
EIC - N/N, HMLR - N/N,
full teeth
OVVR I.c., JSMP I.c., OB Z, OB 1
Canistherapy exam

        We are very happy that our puppy went to good family. We wish new owner and puppy Ayran especially much health, pleasure and many beautiful experiences during whole life. Thanks for the photos, which you´ll send us in future, perhaps even some information about Ayran.

   Photos of puppies:
**First day**   **5.week**
**1.week**   **More photos**

   Pedigree of puppies: