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My passion to this breed had already started before we bought our first “pedigree” Labrador. I got my first dog, a bitch Jenny, breed Golden Retriever, in the year 2002 when I was a little young schoolgirl. It wasn´t our first family´s dog because at that time we had 10-year-old nut, a black bitch Funny. With Jenny I learnt how to take care of dog and also how to handle basic obedience.

We bought our first Labrador in 2007 from kennel Joy in morion. We desired a black bitch however the black bitch wasn´t born in this litter of nine puppies so we took “yellow dog” Atrey Joy in motion.

Gradually, we were obtaining more information about options for obedience trainings, preparing for breeding and field trials and showing in Slovakia but also abroad. Great thanks to our breeder Rasťo Mirgus who gave us many advice and information and shared with us his experience with breeding, dog shows and training. I participates in dog shows with Atrey from his little age – three monts. By the time we have attended many national, international, club and champion exhibitions in SR, HU, RO, PL, CR and UA and have gained titles Slovakian, Romanian, Hungarian champion, Hungarian Grand champion and Show champion, Romanian Grand champion and Interchampion.

We also attended breeding trial for retrievers OVVR with the 1st price and working trial JSMP with the 1st price too. Later we devoted to Canistherapy and we successfully passed the exam twice and Atrey worked as a canistherapy dog in Reeducated Centre in Košice for two years.

In 2008 we brought home another Labrador, a black male Tintagelwinds Yakety Yak who was imported from England, kennel Tintagelwinds Labradors. Yaky achieved a great success on his first dog show because he became the most beautiful puppy of the exhibition and got the title BIS Baby. He also passed the breeding trial OVVR with the 1st price.

A year later we have started to train a new dog sport Obedience which has existed in SR for only fourth year. It requires long-term and patient obedience training and many other exercises which have to be trained for months and years. Until now we have passed Obedience exams 1x OB beginners and 3x OB 1 and received 2nd and 3rd place in competition of the League Obedience. We participate trainings twice a week with our trainer Dana Tóthová where we prepare together for the exams and also competitions. Moreover we train with our dogs every day and we regularly go for a small hike with our friends and their dogs during weekends where we practice natural abilities of retrievers – retrieving.

Karin Ďurčanská , 23.06.2011