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We again met with Atrey’s sister Avril, brother Akim and mother Cloudine on the meadow in housing development KVP in Kosice. We trained retrievering and basic obedience for exam OVVR. Dogs did all practices very well.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


In the morning we went on working day of retrievers in Gyňov. Although in the morning the weather wasn’t very good, fortunately in the afternoon it was much better and also the sun was shining. Training was very educational not only for dogs but also for us. We gained huge amount of new information and advice about dog’s training.



CACIB Nitra - judge: Marianne Gyarfás (HU)
Atrey – very promising 1 and the 5th most beautiful puppy in the show

Atrey in competition of three dogs has received the first prize. The most enjoyable was that Atrey became one of five most beautiful puppies in this dog show.

During this dog show Atrey had an eye exam: PRA/CAT - negative.



First training of working test in Slovakia took place in Revištské Podzámčie on 6.-7.10. Of course we took part in it. We acquired new information about training and also we spent beautiful weekend in nature.



Cloudine, Atrey's mother, celebrated her 3rd birthday. We congratulate her and wish lots of successes on dog shows and also many nice puppies.
Atrey sends you a big kiss.


26.08 - 02.09. we were on Holiday with retriever 2007 in Dubník near Stará Turá. It was memorable week full of new experiences. First four days we trained a basic obedience and retrievering. After all trainings our way was clear – to the water where our dogs were swimming and running around us. On Thursday we went on tour with dogs.



CACIB Bratislava - judge: Marián Novák (SK)
Atrey - very promising

This was Atrey’ s first dog show in a hall and loud noise and less place didn’t matter him. Like always he behaved polite, he wasn’t barking and he liked showing. Atrey’s brother Akim who also received very promising, was for the first time with us on the dog show.


CAC Jászberény - judge: Carlo Balla (Srb)
Atrey - very promising 1

This dog show took place on a huge football pitch. Atrey has received very promising 1 in competition of two dogs.



CACIB Szombathely - judge: Denis Kuzelj (Slo)
Atrey - very promising 1

Atrey in competition of three dogs was first and very promising 1. A competition took place under three huge tents. Although it was very hot, dogs felt well because under tents there was an excellent stir.



Atrey took part in his first dog shows in Oradea and in Debrecen, where he received very promising 1. To the ring he came like self-confident and fearless dog who had no problems with showing. We were very happy that Atrey didn’t fell fear or anguish.