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We received beautiful photos of 8-month old Marley (Marley z Delvoja), the son of our Atrey (Atrey Joy in motion x Happy z Delvoja).   **Photos**   


We received excellent health results of our Finnie from OFFA:
DTR BUFF - Normal/Clear
CLPS - Normal/Clear


We passed eye examination with our Finnie and the result is negative-clear !!


1st round of League Obedience 2015 - Hrabušice, Ranche Kam Quarter Horses
Judge: Jozef Olearčin (classes OB 2,3) , Karin Ďurčanská (classes OB Beginners, OB 1)
Steward: Věra Wohlrathová (classes OB Beginners, OB 1, OB 2), Karin Ďurčanská (class OB 3)

class OB 2
Finnie - good, 212 points, 1st place !!

On Saturday 11th of October, 1st round of League Obedience 2015 took place in Hrabušice at Ranche Kam Quarter Horses. We´ve started this new season with Finnie competing in class OB 2, much more difficult than previous class OB 1. During a short period, we trained a lot since last competition of Championship of Slovakia in Obedience in September, and although not all exercises were handled exellently, eventually we passed this really difficult exam OB 2, with overall score 212 points, grade good, and also we were placed on the 1st place and got nice prizes. Now, we have a long period to our next competition, so there´s a lot of to do.

Besides competing with Finnie in class OB 1, I had also an opportunity to judge in classes Obedience Beginners and OB 1 and to steward in the highest class OB 3. Nicely organized competition in lovely environment, with our friends, nice prizes, and that´s warranty that we are already looking forward for next competition.



CAC Lučenec - judge: Jana Janeková, SK
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC in champion class

CACIB Lučenec - judge: Lenka Frnčová, CZ
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB in champion class

Finnie accomplished all condition for getting the title Slovak Grand Champion !!!


Slovak Championship ZŠK SR Obedience 2014 - Malý Lapáš, 6.-7.9.2014
Judge: Piritta Pärssinen FIN , Jozef Olearčin SK
Steward: Ludevít Krampe
Judging: OB beginners - Karin Ďurčanská

class OB 1
Finnie - good, 160,25 points, Winner of League Obedience 2014 in category OB 1 !!

We really looked forward for joining Slovak Championship ZŠK SR in Obedience because this year the competition was huge, not just competitiors from Slovakia but also foreign competition from Czech republic, Poland and Hungary. We had an opportunity to see very nice performance of other dogs, home or foreign. Finnie was working very nice, but because of two not well performed exercises, we weren´t placed on the first spots, which we feel sorry about because we had successful season during all other competitions in this season. In spite of that, we were able to defend the title Winner of League Obedience 2014 from last year, we were placed at the 1st place !! So we finished our competing in the class OB 1, fullfiled with joy we are heading to training for the class OB2.

Besides competing with Finnie in class OB 1, I had also an opportunity to judge in class Obedience Beginners . Thank you for the opportunity to judge at so important competition as Slovak Championship with foreign competitiors are. Again new experience which push me forward with every judged competition.



CACIB Debrecen, Night dog show, H - judge: Siniša Pavlović, SRB
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB in champion class

Finnie accomplished all condition for getting the titles Hungarian Show Champion and Interchampion C.I.E!!!



Tollarspecialen Halland 1.-3.08.2014, Skummeslöv, Sweden - dog show, obedience and other dog sports with 482 tollers!!

2.08.2014 Obedience OB1 (Lydnad I) - judge: Ingvar Johansson, S
Finnie – 158,5 points, 2nd price, 4th place/19 dogs

3.08.2014 Dog show (unofficial) - judge: Nils Molin, S
FinnieHP Honour prize - excellent quality in working class (25 dogs)

We attended very nice special dog show of tollers with our Finnie which took place in Sweden. Despite the fact that the journey was long, it was definitely worth it!! Scandinavian countries are well known for it´s huge basis of tollers, and that was also the reason of our attendance on this very nice action. Here were altogether 482 tollers, which were presented in different disciplines and competitions, in working tests, agility, obedience, special working trials for tollers-tolling test and during the last day, of course, dog show with a huge competition in every class. Atmosphere was indescribable, very pleasant, friendly and relaxed.

On Saturday 2nd we attended an official competition of obedience, based on swedish rules, Lydnad I. In competition of 19 dogs, we were placed on amazing 4th place, with total of 158,5 points in 2nd price.
On Sunday there was unofficial dog show where we presented Finnie in working class in the competition of 25 dogs. We got very nice judgement and HP-honour prize, which pleased us so much. Among other things, we had an opportunity to meet brothers of Finnie, Tonic and Texas. Texas became BIS Tollarspecialen 2014 of the whole dog show!!



CACIB Debrecen, H - judge: Lokodi Zsolt, RO
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB in champion class

CACIB Debrecen, H - judge: Pedro Sanches Delerue, P
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB in champion class

Finnie accomplished all condition for getting the title Hungarian Grand Champion !!!


CACIB Veľká Ida, SK - judge: Magdaléna Świętoń, PL
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB in champion class


4th round League Obedience 2014 - Blatnica, 28.06.2014
Judge: Dana Tóthová (OB Z, 1), Ingrid Tkáčová (OB Z, 1)
Judge: Pavel Tamáší (OB 2, 3), Karin Ďurčanská (OB 2, 3)
Steward: Veronika Uherčíková (OB Z, 3), Ludevít Krampe (OB 1, 2)

class OB 1
Finnie - excellent, 242,75 points, 1st place /6 dogs


CAC Satu Mare, RO - judge: Shamil Abrakimov, RU
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, Best female, BOB in champion class
CACIB Satu Mare, RO - judge: Dr.Otto Schimpf, A
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOB in champion class

CACIB Satu Mare, RO - judge: Francesco Cochetti, I
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOB in champion class

Finnie accomplished all condition for getting the title Romanian Champion and Romanian Grand Champion !!!



We got NEW PHOTOS of puppies from the litter Happy z Delvoja x Atrey Joy in motion from 5th week. You can find more info in section **Offspring**.    **Photos** 


CACIB Szilvásvárad, H - judge: Kardos Vilmos, H
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, qualification for Crufts 2015 in champion class. Congratulation!!



Happy 2nd Birthday to you, Finnie !!!

We wish you health and successes on dog shows but also on exams and competitions which are on plan for this season.



Today we went to visit puppies, beautiful small yellow pups.   **Photos** 


We got NEW PHOTOS of puppies from the litter Happy z Delvoja x Atrey Joy in motion from 3rd week. You can find more info in section **Offspring**.    **Photos** 


Happy 7th Birthday to you,, Atrey !!!

Also we wish all the best to your children, puppies from the litter L, to their
2nd birthday, born at the same, "crazy" day, on the 1st of April !!!



We got NEW PHOTOS of puppies of the litter Happy z Delvoja x Atrey Joy in motion.   **Photos** 



2nd round League Obedience 2014 - Veľká Paka, 22.03.2014
Judge: Pavel Tamáši, Ingrid Tkáčová
Steward: Ľudevít Krampe

class OB 1
Finnie - very good, 208,75 points, 1st place /6 dogs

We also received Price of club KŠKO for the year 2013 for the most successful competitor of Club of sport cynology and obedience, whose members we are. We received the most points which were given to us for different competitions, exams and dog shows for year 2013. KŠKO received in overall ranking of all cynological clubs in Slovakia 3rd place!

On Saturday 22nd March, 2014 our first obedience exam of this year took place in Veľká Paka. We joined this competition with our little Finnie. It was 2nd round of League Obedience, one part of the competition League Obedience 2014 with announcing the overall results at the end of this season at Championship OB of Slovakia in September. 20 contestants took part in the competition, all classes were filled with handlers so we had chance to see performance of dogs in every OB class.

Finnie did a great job at this competition although there were some little mistakes which has to be eliminated until the next exam. Eventually we passes an exam in class OB 1 with grade very good with 208,75 points and we were place on amazing first place !

One of the reason why I looked forward for joining this competition was, that thanks to received judge´s license and right to judge in classes OB Beginners and OB 1 I had an opportunity to judge class OB Beginners. It was a fully new experience for me, which was different from competing, stewarding and even observing with a judge, which I´ve already taken part.

At the end, I´d like to thank to Ingrid Tkáčová and Pavel Tamáši for giving me the chance to judge at this obedience competition and also for all necessary advices and information which they´ve gladly given me.

**Photos**   .


We have AMAZING news !!!

On 11th of March, 2014 9 beautiful yellow labrador puppies, 4 boys and 5 girls, were born in the kennel Z Delvoja. Mum of the puppies is Happy z Delvoja, daddy of the puppies is our Atrey, Atrey Joy in motion.

You can find all necessary information, photos of puppies but also information about former litters in the section **Offspring**  ,   **Photos**   .



In 8th March our Yaky celebrates his 6th birthday. We wish you good health, joy and many more years into our nice moments together. Happy Birthday Yaky!


We have updated the section *Obedience* where you can find all information about this beautiful sport, how we got to it and also results during those years of participation at competitions with Atrey, Yaky and now also with Finnie.


CACIB Trenčín, SK - judge: Tibor Havelka, SK
Finnie – excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB in working class so she accomplished all conditions for obtaining the title Slovak Champion of Beauty which was approved to her at the spot!! Congratulations.

When we finished with showing our Finnie, we took part in performing exercises of Obedience in the final ring which was organized by Club of sport cynology and Obedience in Slovakia whose member we are also. It was very good experience not only for a handler but also for a dog because we could train while there were disruptive effects, at the smaller area, compared to a stadion or training area where we are used to train, and of course with the participation of audience.